Programs & services

The Society provides support, education and advocacy for persons living with an acquired brain injury, their family, friends and caregivers through goal specific, unique and innovative programming. These programs continue to evolve in response to ever changing needs.

We offer a broad range of social and support services:

  • Individualized Support
  • Group Support
  • Disability Assistance
  • Community Awareness
  • Education and Prevention
  • Community Rehabilitation
  • Care Management
  • Referrals
  • Resource Library

All programs and services are free.

PRBIS is funded through Vancouver Coastal Health Authority’s Community Brain Injury Program, and other sources. For more info about our funding, see Our Sponsors page.

Individualized Support

Individual support recognizes that a person’s injury and needs are unique. Support is provided to persons living with an acquired brain injury through:

  • Intake:
    The intake process collects enough initial information to determine whether our services are suitable or whether a referral is required.
  • Community Needs Assessment/One-to-One support:
    After the initial meeting, we will meet to gather more detailed information about how well you are able to live within the home and the community. Individualized plans are created to increase and/or maintain quality of life.
  • Family Support and Education:
    Family members also require emotional and practical support. We offer a range of services for family members from referral to resource.
  • Community Rehabilitation and Care Management:
    Community rehab assists in developing life skills, recreational and social activities. Weekly coffee clubs and art groups provide time for self expression while enjoying the company of peers. Weekly fitness groups are offered; improved physical fitness leads to improved mental fitness.
  • Disability Assistance:
    Disability assistance is provided in filling out applications, tax forms and returns, and appointments are scheduled. If a case is difficult and/or complicated, referrals to the best agency are made.
  • Education and Prevention:
    Community awareness campaigns are run, school presentations are made, and safety programs are implemented. Brochures are distributed and information is constantly being updated and community awareness programs are continually operating.
  • Resource Library
    We have articles, books and videos on a variety of brain injury related topics including strategies for recovery, manuals for educators and videos for family and friends.

We recognize and understand that each brain injury is unique. We endeavor to search for every solution to a situation and assist persons who are affected by an acquired brain injury to live life beyond injury.