School Education Program

Our “Heads Up Crew” offers a School Education Program for Grades 4 and 5 students.

With financial assistance from the Province of BC, (and previous funding from Powell River & District United Way), we are able to go into the schools with a first rate presentation on Brain Injury Prevention and Awareness.

This 90 minute, fun and interactive learning experience will educate our children on the brain, what it is made of, how it works and how it can be injured.

Common impairments that follow a brain injury are discussed and persons who are actually living with the effects of an acquired brain injury talk to the students about their personal experiences and how their brain injuries have affected their everyday lives and the lives of their families and friends.

A brain injury simulation helps the students to understand how they can be affected by a brain injury and what it might feel like for a person who has a brain injury. Educational videos that are age appropriate have been chosen as part of the learning experience and hands-on demonstrations using a jello “brain”, and a cantaloupe and helmet, finish the experiential portion of the program.

The session concludes with information on how to protect self and family and friends from the life-long devastating effect of brain injury, concentrating on proper use of helmets, safe play in sports and in seasonal recreation activities. Printed material is distributed for the children, their parents and for the schools.

We are thankful for this opportunity to increase awareness and proud to be affiliated with School District 47.

We thank the Kamloops Brain Injury Association for allowing us to build our program from their highly successful Grade Four Injury Prevention Program.

For more information about our program, contact us