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Art Projects

Just a small sampling of the many different art projects we do.

Asian New Year

We celebrated Asian New Year with the help of our Canadian World Youth volunteers

At the centre on Marine

Various pictures of us at the centre on Marine Ave

Brainiacs at the 2010 Olympics

Our most excellent Olympic adventure

C & J Metal Design

Jim Wilkins metal art creations from found objects - order yours now!

Chocolate Day

We had lots of fun using chocolate in all kinds of ways to create delicious and good-looking treats.

Easter Cookie

A hand crafted Easter sweet treat

Fitness program

Pictures from the original fitness program back in 2008

Nutrition, Cooking and Gardening

Funded by Dave Irwin Foundation for Brain Injury and Powell River Community Forest. Our garden is part of the "Innovative Outreach Through Nutrition, Cooking and Gardening" project.

Opportunities Fund 2011

Some pictures of Josh and Melissa at work here while being funded by the Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities


An art project we did in 2011 to create weather resistant statues.


Arrgghh mateys! We do like to pirate it up sometimes!

Texada Picnics 2010-2012

Our annual Brainiacs picnic is held at Shelter Point of Texada Island in mid-August. There is always lots of yummy food, fun games and friends to relax with.

Wild West 2010 Dance & Silent Auction Annual Fundraiser

Dancing, gambling, eating, drinking, havin' a great ole time and all for a worthwhile cause - thanks everyone for your awesome generosity!