Beautiful baskets & birdhouses from First Credit Union

Thank you to First Credit Union for your wonderful volunteer work planting some gorgeous flower baskets and painting some birdhouses for our garden area, as well as helping to build the greenhouse.
We just love all the work you did!!!
(Four First CU staff were here in the afternoon as part of Powell River’s Community Impact Day.)…

Fortis BC builds greenhouse

Thanks Fortis, for putting together our new greenhouse.
This new greenhouse, and the power and watering system that will be connected, was purchased with a generous grant from Fortis that we received several months ago. This addition to our vegetable garden area will enhance our nutrition, cooking and gardening program.

It is going to allow us to grow vegetables all winter, so we will be able to assist clients with nutritional needs.

Now in its third season, the program provides education and instruction on growing, preparing and preserving food.
We started the program because we thought it was important that clients get healthy, organic, fresh vegetables, because living on a disability pension, they don’t have a lot of money for extras. We needed a greenhouse and also wanted to eliminate a hose being dragged around; we’ve already had someone trip on it. The good folks at Mother Nature are going to instruct us on how to install the watering system.

During its first year, the outdoor garden was mostly used for demonstration; how to grow, plant, weed and harvest. It did not produce enough for preserving. That all changed in year two. Last year we had tomatoes and peppers in abundance, so we showed clients how to preserve.

Clients are instructed on canning techniques and make organically grown, fresh sauces. The large harvest of peppers allowed us to also create our own hot sauces. As part of the next phase of the program, which involves selling products in a retail space, the we plan to send a test batch of hot sauce to University of BC. If they say this is a good recipe, we’re going to bottle it and sell it.

As a result of the program, we created the book Lettuce Share: Stories, Recipes, Odds and Sods. It has recipes, gardening and life tips, people’s stories and photos taken by one of our clients. Anyone interested in a copy can call 604.485.6065.

Debbie learned about the Fortis grant a year ago from City of Powell River councillor Maggie Hathaway, which led to an application being submitted. Fortis put out a call through city councils across the province for projects to fund. Low and behold, we were one of three chosen.

Not only did Fortis award the funding, they also provided volunteers to construct the greenhouse as part of its community-giving day, with company managers from around the province coming to help.They travel around the province doing good deeds and helping groups like ours.

Volunteers from First Credit Union were also on hand to help out with the build.…

Telus donates $25 for each new Optik customer

TELUS is a proud supporter of the Fibre for Good program in Powell River.

Customers who sign up for Optik TV have a chance to select a participating charitable organization to receive a $25 grant, courtesy of TELUS.

This is our way of saying thanks, and giving where we live by supporting those organizations that make a difference in your community.

If you have signed up for Telus Optik and haven’t chosen a local organization, we are on the list, so…

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Thursday July 9th is BBQ Day in the garden

SPECIAL ALERT….Next Thursday July 09th is BBQ Day in the garden….Orlin is the chef at the BBQ and we will be having a planning meeting that day about the Annual Picnic…this year is Back to Texada…..YAY!!! So, come one come all and have lunch in the garden with us!!

AGM – Monday June 29, noon till 1 pm


Annual General Meeting
Powell River Brain Injury Society

Monday June 29, 2015 12 Noon

#101-7020 Duncan Street Powell River BC V8A 1V9

1. Opening of meeting and introductions

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Adoption of 2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes

4. Welcome by Society President

5. PRBIS 2014 – 2015 Annual Report

6. Year-end financial report
a. Motion to accept year end financial report as presented
b. Motion to engage Pinch and Reid Accountants for 2015-2016 fiscal year

7. Election of Board of Directors
a. Call for nominations from the floor

8. Date of next meeting – third Monday of June, 2016

9. Adjournment…

Benefit Dance this Saturday – 30 May 2015

Scout Mountain Bluegrass and Art Auctions – Silent & Live – at the Rodmay Hotel in Townsite.

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shelter by donna huber.jpg
the great blue heron by janet blair.jpg
new growth by john o'brian.jpg
planted planter from springtime nursery.jpg
plate by darlene calwell.jpg
shelter by donna huber.jpg
the great blue heron by janet blair.jpg
new growth by john o'brian.jpg
planted planter from springtime nursery.jpg
plate by darlene calwell.jpg
shelter by donna huber.jpg
the great blue heron by janet blair.jpg
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Check our gallery for bigger photos of the artwork available.

Doors open at 7, music at 7.30. Refreshments available.

Tix $15 available at Rodmay Liquor Store and Rockit Music